AWEN was an opportunity to grow my leadership skills. I helped build the first mentorship program, bringing together professional women to help each other learn and grow. Through AWEN I became more deeply integrated into the Alaska environmental community and made friends and professional connections that will last throughout my life. Some of my favorite parts of AWEN were the social events, such as making birds-of-paradise costumes for the Ski for Women, ice skating at Cuddy Park, and sitting around a fire at a mentorship retreat. The organization is volunteer-based and supported by passionate people with diverse interests. I learned about environmental justice, building a board, strategic planning, and organizing events. AWEN gave me lessons I’ll be drawing on for years.
— Melanie S.
The Alaska Women’s Environmental Network provided me with career building skills, adventures with like-minded women, and life-long friendships. The mentorship program helped to enhance my professional skills and provided endless networking opportunities. I really enjoyed meeting other women that were in the environmental field and shared my passion for the outdoors. The social events and outings exposed me to new places and activities. The friendships and professional relationships I made through AWEN continue to assist with career development because we use each other as professional references.
— Autumn B.